Agar Eucadet All-Purpose Detergent

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Agar Eucadet is a concentrated, low-alkaline and biodegradable multipurpose detergent with high foam. It is effective in removing food, grease and protein matter, cooking fats, smoke films, smears on glass, road dirt on cars and trucks and spillages and dirt from floors.

Agar Eucadet has a clean, fresh eucalyptus fragrance which can be used on any washable surface for easy cleaning. It is safe to use on aluminium and other sensitive materials. It can also be used in cleaning dishes, glass, utensils, paintwork, car duco, terrazzo, marble, stainless steel, floors, walls and all surfaces requiring a low-alkaline detergent.

Rinse-free and does not leave visible films on shiny surfaces.  

Ph Level 9.0 +/- 0.5
Sizes 5L
Fragrance: Eucalyptus
Codes EU5, EU20