Agar Floral Odour Masking Detergent and Air Freshener

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Agar Floral is a strong odour-masking detergent with a floral-fruity fragrance. It is used as an air-freshener and for washing and mopping floors and hard surfaces  such as tiles, polished floors, glass and walls.

Key Benefits:
strong reodorant perfume
biodegradable detergent
odour masking which is great in problem areas.

You can use Agar Floral Air Freshener with water to mop the floors. Doing this will leave a nice scent. You can also spray it in the room to hinder strong unpleasant odours.


How to Use Agar Floral in cleaning Cleaning General Hard Surfaces?
- Cleaning walls, laminex and general hard surfaces.

General Cleaning:
1. Dilute ½ to ¾ cup of detergent to 10 litres of water (dilution rate may vary
depending on soilage).
2. Mop or wipe surface to be cleaned.
3. Always clean walls from top to bottom to ensure cleaned surfaces stay clean.
4. Continuously  wring mop or cloth in solution.
5. Wipe surface dry.
6. Polish chrome fittings until shiny.
7. Do not rinse.

Air Fresheners:
1. Floral: dilute with water to 1:10
2. Using spray gun, spray high into room.

For Heavy Odours:
1. Dilute Breeze to 1:10 parts water.
2. Remove odour source by flushing, rinsing or mopping with solution.
3. Do not rinse clean.
4. Breeze will leave lingering fragrance.

pH Level 6.5 +/- 0.5

5L, 20L



Codes: FLO5, FLO20
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