Nilfisk SC UNO 7P 180/1200 Stationary Cold Water Pressure Washer

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Nilfisk SC UNO 7P 180/1200 (Uno Booster) is a single pump stationary high pressure cleaner for flexible cleaning. It uses NA6 high quality heavy industrial motor pump with 1450 RPM motor, brass pump head and 4 ceramic pistons.

Nilfisk SC UNO 7P 180/1200 (Uno Booster) features:
• Stationary single pump high pressure cleaner for flexible cleaning
• NA6 high quality heavy industrial motor pump with 1450 RPM motor, brass pump head and 4 ceramic pistons
• NA5.2 reinforced wobble disc pump
• Accessory kit included for immediate plug and play use
• Hour counter and service warning lamp
• NEO control system enabling use of remote control and low water safety system
• Wall mountable
• Motor on/off indicator
• One year commercial warranty

Nilfisk SC UNO 5M and 5ML, to 6P and 7P are industrial stationary cold high pressure water washers for flexible cleaning, with new innovative steps to meet the specific cleaning needs and designed to meet heavy-duty cleaning challenges with convincing performances.

Gerni SC UNO 7P 180/1200  (Uno Booster) Includes:
101119496 Ergo Coupling Kit
1602945 Quick Coupling 3/4 with Gasket
6101766 10 Metre DN10, 2 Wire Hose 3/8 x 3/8"
106403122 ERGO 2000 Standard Gun with Hose Swivel
106403010 Tornado Plus 1120 Lance without nozzle
101119745 Tornado Nozzle 0640 Indication Ring Green

The ideal and powerful choice
The SC UNO models introduce a new innovative hard foam cabinet, meeting specific hygienic demands, e.g. within the food industry, and the foam material also reduces the noise level. Together with the new simple control panel, it makes all models ideal for agriculture with milking sheds, sties, and stables. For food and pharma industry with processing equipment, conveyors, and tanks.

For shipping and industry with ship decks, bulkheads, and industrial equipment. In rental, retail, trade, building and construction, car wash areas, etc. Even oil and grease can be removed thanks to the hot water inlet and high-pressure detergent injector. Low pump oil warning lamp, service warning lamp and hour counter is standard.

SC UNO 6P & 7P (SC UNO 7P 180/1200 (Uno Booster) - Quality to perform

NA6 and C3 high-quality heavy industrial motor pumps with brass pump heads
1450 rpm; 4 full ceramic pistons and double roller bearings
The industrial pumps make it possible to feed the units with hot inlet water from 70°C (with break tank) to 85°C (direct feed) for max. cleaning efficiency

Product Number 107340541
Model SC UNO 7P 180/1200
Weight (kg) 81
Length x width x height (mm) 355x860x560
Pump pressure (bar/MPa) 180/18
Cleaning impact (kg/force) 5.9
Water flow Qmax/Qiec (l/h) 1200/1080
Max inlet temperature (°C) 80
Power consumption (kW) 6.7
Voltage/phase/frequency/current (V/~/HZ/A) 400/3/50/15
El cable (m) 5
Suction height dry (m) 1
Nozzle size .0640
Ceramic pistons 4
Pump (RPM) 1450
Suction height - primed (m) 2.5
Hour Meter Yes
Full ceramic pistons Yes
C3 4-ceramic piston pump Yes
Robust steel chassis and frame Yes
Automatic start/stop Not applicable
Foam Sprayer Not Applicable
Detergent Canister 2,5 ltr Not applicable
Pump oil warning system Yes
Intelligent pump control system Yes
Wall mountable Yes
Pressure activated Yes
Foam Cabinet, EPP Yes
Motor on-off lamp Yes
Service warning lamp Yes