DN5 Grease Trap Dispenser | Drain Dosing Dispenser

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DN5 Drain Dosing Dipsenser is specifically designed for dispensing products into Grease Traps, our DN5 sets a new standard in simplicity and convenience.

Key Features & Benefits

- Programmable to dose up to nine (9) times per day.
- Passcode protection.
- Memory back up in the event of power loss.
- Optional 3 Pin Plug can be fitted for ease of installation.
- The DN5 comes with pre-programmed delivery rates making the unit quick and easy to set up. Simply choose the current time, choose the time you want the unit to dispense and then choose your delivery rate.

The DN5 can be programmed to dose up to nine times per day at an hour of your choice to suit any application. Once the pin code is entered, you can select the hour you require the unit to dose and the volume of chemical, the DN5 then does the rest. Our new DN5 dispenser provides an easy and affordable solution to the automatic dispensing of your Enzyme or Bacteria.


How Does DN5 Drain Dosing Dipsenser Work
The DN5 will dispense a pre-determined volume of product into  the drainage system at a pre-set time, typically when the kitchen is not in use. This allows time for the product to thoroughly break down the fatty deposits and be flushed away in the morning.

The IP66 Polycarbonate enclosure provides protection against water  ingress and high temperature environments. The DN5 is more than suitable for all kitchen and food preparation applications.

Drainage outlets in areas where food preparation is taking place should have a means of preventing grease build up that can lead to blockage and odour problems. The DN5 can easily be installed directly into the drain outlet, grease trap or pumping stations.

Technical Specifications:
240V AC/ 50 HZ
Time controlled with selectable dosage rates from 150ml up to 950ml in 50ml increments
Flow rate of 240ml/min
IP66 enclosure 234mm x 162mm x 108mm
Approvals > EMC 89/336/EEC EN50081-1 LVD 72/23/EEC
Weight is 1.4 kg