Pedal Bins - Hands Free Waste Disposal Containers 90L

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These 90L commercial grade pedal bins are hands-free waste disposal containers. All is plastic construction ensures the unit and mechanism won’t rust, dent, peel or chip.

The 90L pedal bin is designed for larger waste volumes and the higher associated weight. It features a front stabilisation bar, and two commercial grade back castors which minimise manual handling when the larger waste volumes are transported for collection.

These recycling containers are available in a range of Australian Standard waste colours with educational information identifying each waste stream.

These pedal bins are available in four sizes from 90L to 70, 45, and 30 litre units.

Base colours available including the most popular neutral grey or White. Neutral white base is suitable in many modern and clinical environments. When unassembled the bases will nest together no problem. When assembled with the castor wheels and lids attached they will no longer nest. 

The bin lids are available in a range of Australian Standard waste colours to ensure you can customise each station. Bin lids are recommended for:

Red - landfill
Yellow - Recycling or Co-Mingle
Green - Organic
Blue - Paper and Cardboard
White - Clear Glass or Electronics or Recycling
Grey - Cans or Miscellaneous

External mechanism ensures smooth rounded interior for easy cleaning. Compatible with bleach cleaning. Tight fitting, overlapping lid snaps quietly back, sealing the unit to minimise odours.

The pedal bins are HACCP compliant, and are perfect for commercial kitchens. HACCP is an international risk management methodology used by the food and related industries for the control of food safety hazards to acceptable risk levels.

Educational stickers are provided for the standard waste streams which ensures the user can easily identify the recycling stream. This makes the unit ideal for public areas and workplaces, when training is limited. The stickers are also available separately, so you can streamline the communication messages on all bins. Please contact us if you need these educational stickers.

Dimensions (HxWXDmm) 820 (Open 1130) x 500 x 412