Simple Green 2.7L Foaming Gun

Simple Green
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Simple Green's 2.7L foam gun sprayer is ideal for large area and for smaller concentrated applications. Use in food preparation areas, wash rooms, or any situation where use of water diluted
chemicals is required.

It has a hose-end attachment, a convenient and easy way to deliver a jet spray of concentrated cleaners, degreasers and disinfectants that's why we recommend this. It provides clinging ability for vertical and hard to reach surfaces, allows for increased contact time and enhances product performance.
- No pre-mixing is necessary as chemical and water are automatically blended in the mixing
head as you spray
- Bottle holds 2.7 litres of concentrate
- Quick-release handle removes for rinsing

The foamer features 14 dilution settings that can be chosen from color coded metered inserts, offering everything from wide spray application to precision streaming.  It also enables an easy transition from cleaning and sanitizing to rinsing. The 2,721 gram cleaner capacity ensures the foamer is easy-to-handle and compact while preventing the need for frequent refilling.

Bottle and cap assembly are made of durable thermoplastic.