Jasol Clini-fresh Incontinence Spray 5L

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Jasol Clini-fresh Incontinent Spray is a powerful reodorant, long lasting, non-toxic, biodegradable nursing homes, toilets and anywhere unpleasant odours are encountered.

Pleasantly perfumed, water based deodorant, perfect for any accidental or involuntary loss of urine from the bladder (urinary incontinence) or bowel motion, faeces or wind from the bowel (faecal or bowel incontinence).

Jasol's Clini-fresh uses the latest technology in odour absorber and neutralisers. It actually binds to the malodours such as faecal, urine and food odours resulting in efficient reduction of available malodorous gases and vapours in the air. Available in 500ml, 750ml, 5L and 20L.

In addition to its neutralising power, Clini-Fresh also has residual fragrance properties, lasting for up to 24 hours. It will not sour, and it maintains its freshness and appeal long after it was applied.

Clini-fresh is non toxic and contains only biodegradable surfactants when tested in accordance with AS 1792 - 1976 and contains no phosphates.

It is designed to be applied through a hand spray gun (not included) and can be used neat or diluted 1:5 with water depending upon the desired effect.

It can be sprayed as a room deodorant or directly onto the source of the malodours.

Sizes: 500ml, 5L
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