Pro Twin Water Driven Foamer and Sprayer

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Effective in handling the toughest cleaning jobs while providing matchless foam quality.  You can easily upgrade the basic water driven system to air by simply attaching the optional Air Kit ((TD9900107984) below the unit.

Key Features & Benefits for Pro Twin Foamer and Sprayer:

-  Single adjustable spray gun for foam, rinse and sanitizing
-  Precision engineered eductors insuring accurate, proportionate dosing
- Industrial Designed Selector Dial for durability and elimination of chemical cross
-  Eductors are easy to remove and maintain. They can also be changed to adjust flow rates if required
-  Thermoclean triple layered hose as a standard
-  FPM seals for wide range of chemical resistance

This first scalable Foamer and Sprayer is the ideal solution where spraying foamed detergent on a surface is required as part of the cleaning process. The ideal second product is a Sanitizer, which would follow your fresh water rinse. See More Details for Videos.

How to Use Pro Twin Air Driven Sprayer & Foamer Video Demonstration (Please Click Below Image)

How to Use Pro Twin Water Driven Sprayer & Foamer Video Demonstration (Please Click Below Image)

Technical Specifications
Min. Woking Water Pressure: 22PSI provided there is adequate flow of water
Max. Working Water Pressure: 85PSI
Temperature Tolerance: up to 60 degrees Celsius
Water Inlet Connection: ¾” BSP Female
Dimensions: 335mm x 380mm x 140mm