Zeolite SpillZorbe Natural Floor Sweep Absorbent

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Zeolite SpillZorbe Floor Sweep Absorbent is a 100%, fast acting natural absorbent for use with oil, petroleum and chemical spills of liquid, odour, and vapour.

Universal heavy duty mineral based floor sweep absorbent  for use on hydrrocarbons, paints, caustic, solvent, some  acids, dangerous goods. Outdoor and indoor use. Wind resistant, EPA and Worksafe compliant

Available in 10kg and 2.5kg bags.

Stop worrying about spill management, try our natural fast acting absorbent!

Due to intense volcanic activity about 250,000 years ago, a natural product formed called Zeolite.  Because of its large internal surface area, it is faster acting & absorbs larger quantities than most other “kitty litter” types of absorbent.

Its high Cation Exchange Capacity allows vapour and odour absorbency. Being a light weight clay, it is easy to handle, but not too light that it can’t be used in windy or draughty outdoor conditions.