SpillFix Organic Absorbent Booms

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It provides excellent absorption and surface contact to contain a spill prior to application of the loose absorbent material. 1.5m & 3m Booms filled with the same Spillfix Universal Organic Absorbent.

Spillfix Booms have strong wicking action – the nature of the coir absorbent provides a strong “wicking” action away from the surface meaning the spill is directed throughout the boom.
1.5m - 7.5L of oil (absorption capacity)
3m - 15L of oil (absorption capacity)
  • The design of the organic boom provides increased surface contact to trap migrating liquids, maximise the absorbent action, and prevent leakage under the boom
  • Because the Spillfix Universal Organic Absorbent used to fill the booms prefer hydrocarbons (e.g. oil) over water, they are ideal in an outdoor situation in wet conditions. If the boom becomes wet, the water will be sacrificed in favour of the oil spill to be contained.
  • Some other booms will not absorb water, creating a dam with a backup of water. The oil will then float over the top of the boom, defeating the purpose of the exercise.