Premium Triple Wall ComfyTouch Paper Coffee Cups

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Our ComfyTouch coffee cups help keep the beverage hot and prevent it from cooling fast.

These coffee cups have superior strength and comfort. These have improved heat barrier performance which make them easy and comfortable to hold.

These premium triple wall cups are available in black and kraft colours. For a sophisticated, modern look, try the ComfyTouch black colour. For a natural, eco look, try the ComfyTouch Kraft.

Available in 245ml (8Oz), 385ml (12Oz) and 485ml (16Oz). Available in black and kraft. It comes in a carton of 500.

Key Features ComfyTouch Paper Cups:

1. Better Heat Distribution
- higher quality and thicker board used (-10%)
- Vertical Fluting

2. Attractive and modern aesthetic
- Kraft cup; light, natural colour board for eco look
- Black cup; unique speckled black print

3. Improved and better quality
- Exceptional seal with strong performance in extensive quality testing
- Tight rim formation
- Excellent pairing with Surefit lid
- Consistent cup formation
- Also pairs with the Ecolid range
- Better feel in hand and more is more comfortable

245ml (8Oz) W80 x H93mm
385ml (12Oz) W90 x H112mm
485ml (16Oz) W90 x H132mm
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