Ruxxac Foldable Goods Handling Cart - CT92 Business XL

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Folding Hand Truck to carry and transport a load of 125kg. It uses a combination of modern fibres, steel and aluminium.

Features include:

1. Very Quick to Fold and Unfold. The toe plate and wheels swing out together at the same time then all you need to do is release the handle folding lock clips which allows the handle to pivot up and down, they also lock the handle into position giving you a rigid handle when in use.

2. Extremely Space Saving. When folded the RuXXac CT92 Business XL Folding Cart is only 55mm thick making this hand truck extremely easy to fit into any cramped storage space or car boot or delivery van etc.

3. Secure Transport. No matter whether the load is round or angular, big or small: With this unique system consisting of anchor bar and elastic fastening strap every load can be secured safely to the trolley.

4. 125kg Maximum Weight Load Capacity. This is possible due to the perfect combination of special synthetic material, aluminium and steel tubes. Weighing in at only 5.9kg's the RuXXac CT92 Business XL Folding Cart Trolley can carry over 21 times it's own weight.

5. Puncture Safe Tyres. 200x40mm Diameter Polymer Puncture Resistant Wheels with roller bearings combines the advantages of pneumatic and solid rubber tyres, the RuXXac CT92 Business XL Folding Cart Trolley has no problems up and down gutters and stairs, gravel or smooth surfaces. The RuXXac CT92 Business XL Folding Cart is your answer.

6. Ergonomically Designed Handles. Made of synthetic material the carrying of your load is made easier than ever.

7. Spare Parts and Servicing Available. Although the RuXXac Cart Carries a 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty this does not cover wear and tear, misuse and abuse. We carry a complete range of spare parts including Toe plates, Frames, Handles, Clips and Sprockets, Nuts and Bolts that we can supply after sale or in a service. The service includes a full once over of the trolleys, nuts and bolts are correctly adjusted, lubrication and adjusting of all pivoting points.  

Height Opened: 1130mm
Height Folded: 735mm
Thickness Folded: 55mm
Toe Plate: 490 x 410mm
Load Capacity: 125kg
Width: 490mm
Weight: 5.9kg