Long Life Self Shining Floor Polish 1L

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Great product for leaving a protective shine and high gloss finish on your floors such as linoleum, vinyl, plastic, rubber, sealed wood and sealed cork flooring.

You can use this without any buffing machines but still giving your floor protective coating and shine finish. This is perfect for sealed floors.  Many satisfied customers love this due to its fantastic results and how easy it is to apply.


I have used Long Life Self Shining Floor Polish a few times, and now it seems to have gone cloudy. How can I get the shine back in my floors?
Apply our Long Life Cloudy Ammonia to strip back the polish, wait until floor is dry, and then re-apply the Long Life Self Shining Floor Polish.

How do you remove this product from the floor if there are lots of layers?
You remove it by using Long Life Cloudy Ammonia. We suggest using the dilutions set on the back of the bottle, but if you find this is not removing the product effectively, simply increase the concentration of cloudy ammonia till it starts performing to an optimum standard. 

There are streaks on my floor from the product. What caused this and how do I get rid of them?

This can be caused by one of two things; Either too much product has been put on the flooring, or the product has not been spread around the floor correctly. This can be simply rectified by removing the said area of streaks with Long Life Cloudy Ammonia reapplying the Self-Shining Floor Polish correctly. If you find the product is still streaking this could mean the product is reacting with a previous product that was used on the floors. Technical can then be used to identify the issue.

How many layers of polish can I put on before it is recommended that I remove and re-apply it?
We always recommend that you remove the polish and then re-apply and developing layers can cause streaks and white marks depending on the flooring. Also, a build up of product can make it harder to remove in the future. Stick to one layer as this will make life easier when it comes to removing it.

Can this product be used on timber flooring?
It can be used on timber flooring; however, the flooring needs to be sealed up to a suitable standard. Contact the flooring manufacturing or installer to confirm if polish can be used on it. Most timbers can’t have the polish on them as streaks will regularly occur.

 The product has caused streaks on the floor which aren’t being removed from cloudy ammonia or anything else?
This can occur very rarely. The flooring will need to be investigated by technical thoroughly to ensure any damages incurred are not from the product but for other reasons.

Can I use this product on ceramic tiles or other tiled surfaces?
This product is engineered to work perfectly on SEALED surfaces. If your ceramic/marble/stone tiles are not sealed then it is not recommended that you use Long Life Self Shining Floor Polish on that surface as it may result in inconsistent results.

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