18" Vacuum Whirlaway Surface Cleaner

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A vacuum cleaner with attachment that effectively and quickly cleans and dries hard outdoor surfaces. It can effectively remove moss, mould, grime such as mud and other debris via a high pressure nozzle.

The vacuum recovery system sucks up waste water as you go meaning there is no mess to clean up afterwards and surfaces have a quicker drying time.

This surface cleaner is useful when cleaning areas where there is frequent foot traffic and you need to ensure there is minimum chance of injury through slips and falls.

The surface cleaner is also equipped with rubber splash protection which prevents dirty water splash backs and loose debris such as stone flicking up at operators.
Note: It needs to be connected to a pressure cleaner and a wet or wet/dry capable vacuum such as the 623PL vacuum cleaner.


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    - Vacuum  Recovery System ensures no mess
    - Wide cleaning area
    - 4 swivel casters
    - Powder Coated Steel Frame

1 Year Commercial Warranty

Pressure 280 Bar (4000psi)
Flow 30 lpm


Water Blaster Connection 3/8" snap coupling
Vacuum Connection 38mm