Commander 900 Backpack Vacuum Pullman Advance

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The Pullman Advance Commander 900 is a carefully designed backpack vacuum cleaner that is extremely comfortable to wear and has exceptional cleaning power.

- Large 5.5L Dust Bin & Patented Vortex Filter Chamber
- European Made DOMEL High Efficiency Motor
- Blower Port (Patented)
- Anti-Vibration Absorbers (AVA) (Patented)
- Flexible Cord Restraint (Patented)
- Patented Exhaust Air Vent Design
- Soft Rubber Bumper
- Professional Grade HEPA13 Exhaust Filter
- Gulper Advance
- Long Crevice Tool
- 1 x 5.5L Capacity Reusable Cloth Bag

Large 5.5L Dust Bin & Patented Vortex Filter Chamber

The patented vortex filter chamber design removes the need for a filter cone, thus providing full use of the dust storage capacity, perfect for cleaning large. The Commander 900 features the world’s largest
filtration that maintains continuous air flow even when the dust bag is full, resulting in No Loss of Suction.

European Made DOMEL High Efficiency Motor

significantly quieter than other leading brands. With two operating modes; ECO and BOOST it can operate at optimum levels regardless of floor type. Never compromising performance or suction, the brands, picking up more embedded dirt,  less energy than other brands.

Blower Port (Patented)

This convenient blower port at the front of your Commander 900 easily transforms your backpack vacuum into a blower, perfect for cleaning balconies and outdoor areas.

Anti-Vibration Absorbers (AVA) (Patented)

The world’s ONLY backpack with patented Anti-Vibration Absorbers (AVA) which eliminate the transfer of motor vibrations through the harness and to your back.

Flexible Cord Restraint (Patented)
Prevents and protects the extension power cord from disconnecting

Patented Exhaust Air Vent Design
Hot air is channelled away from your back and from desk tops, stops papers being blown off desk.

Soft Rubber Bumper
Full length, soft rubber bumper to protect walls and doors from scratch marks

Professional Grade HEPA13 Exhaust Filter

Ensures that the dirt and dust captured is contained inside the vacuum cleaner, while releasing 99.95% pure air back into your environment.

The Patented Gulper® Advance is the choice of discerning Commercial Cleaners. The improved Gulper Advance with ball bearings in the wheels delivers a smoother glide across any surface; the lip seal in the pivot joint ensures no loss of suction & better pick up while the rubber bumper bar protects skirting boards from  marks.

Extra long 320mm Crevice Tool with 35mm opening. Designed for cleaning into tight or hard to reach areas, perfect for cleaning into corners and down the back of furniture. Includes built in hook so that it can be conveniently  hanged on your tool belt for easy access.


1x 5.5L capacity reusable cloth bag is also included 5x 5.5L capacity disposable paper dust bags are included