Nilodor Trap & Drain Treatment

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Nilozyme has a multi-strain bacterial formulation that will liquefy and digest complex proteins, cellulose and starch.

Nilozyme is resilient to bleach, disinfectants and many other cleaning chemicals.

Grease traps, drains, garbage chutes, etc.


Digest Solids and

Eliminate Odors

The most advanced technology in biochemistry is now


Nilozyme contains multiple strains of bacteria with “Free

Enzymes,” which allow for faster breakdown of organic matter.

This trap and drain treatment will liquefy and consume

complex proteins, cellulose, starches and other organic waste

found in grease traps, drain lines, septic tanks and lagoons.

Nilozyme can withstand high temperatures, and is resilient to

bleach, disinfectants, chlorine and many other cleaning

chemicals. This product also contains a proprietary odor

counteractant for immediate relief of odors.

Nilozyme is formulated with selected strains of bacteria which

are non-toxic, non-pathogenic, non-corrosive and certified

salmonella- and pseudomonas-free. Nilozyme contains over

200 billion micro-organisms per gallon.