Bracton Keg Coupling Disinfectant 500ml

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This product is used to disinfect keg couplings and transfers including connection points. It has microbial activity against bacteria, fungi and some viruses.

Being odourless and tasteless, it is non-tainting to beer. Meets the standards desirable by Carlton & United Breweries, and Tooheys. Note: Ideal for detecting gas leaks.After cleaning utensils and small items of equipment first, as normal in Bracton Beerline Cleaner, (see Beeline label directions for use) leave to soak for 20 minutes or more in Bracton Keg Coupling Disinfectant Solution. Remove fittings without rinsing. After soaking, this solution may be used on only exterior of beerlines, walls, floor, work surface and equipment. Apply with a clean sponge, mop or cloth.