Polivac 38" Gas Powered High Speed Burnisher

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•All-Australian-designed and built straight-line gas burnisher.   
•Over 3700sq. metres per hour coverage.  
•High productivity unit where speed is critical.
•Contour following system for consistently even floor finish. 
•Ultra-manoeuvrable, high productivity unit where speed is critical.
•Dual pads
•14.9kw (20hp) Kohler motor.
•Belt drive.
•Push button electric start.
•100cm (38") pass width.     
•Pad speed - 1800rpm.
•Vacuum - single stage, active centrifugal with metal impeller.
•Battery - 12 volt, 33 amp hour, wet, sealed, long life. 
•Finish - industrial enamel and powder-coated.
•Weight - 140kg.
•Gas bottle - 9kg optional.
•Parts available all over Australia.
•Warranty - 1 year on motor and parts.



The Polivac Gas 38 delivers muscle and grunt to get the job done fast. The pad set up gives the right combination of speed, friction and heat that your floor finish needs to bring out shine and durability. Employing overlapping dual 50cm pads gives it a huge flawless burnishing path, and productivity in excess of 34,000 sq ft per hour. And coming factory fitted with super durable long life Jackaroo pads and a full floating skirt it's the best featured machine we make.

The proven technology of the Honda or Kohler V-Twin’s... means, that blown head gaskets and costly maintenance down time are a thing of the past. And because the V-Twin design eliminates "cold start" problems, you can put and end to replacing and recharging batteries.

Gas engine reliability can be a sore point and for that reason we specifically chose Honda and Kohler’s V-Twin powerhouse’s. Not only do they use less gas, making them incredibly efficient, they delivers consistent power, are exceptionally reliable and will give you fuss free starting on even the coldest days.

As any cleaner knows, without good pad pressure you're making the job a lot harder and doubling your workload. That's why we developed the Gas 38 with superb pad pressure. The belt driven pads travel in a counter or opposed rotation pattern - meaning that the machine drives wonderfully smoothly and creates a perfect burnished finish every time. We use a Rubbermade pad holder that's quick to fit and quick fit grips.. And we've enhanced the sleek low profile design with some clever features like easy access for machine servicing, long life durable battery, and a reinforced powder coated body that not only looks great but adds to it's durability and looks. We think it's the ideal machine for supermarkets, shopping centres and large floor maintenance jobs!

Finishes floors expertly

100cm, 38" dual pads

Outstanding pad pressure

Powered by Honda’s proven V-Twin Engine

Simple to service and maintain

Up to 34,000 sq ft per hour



Gas 38"


- Honda 20HP 4 stroke, inc overhead valve, 2 cylinders ( V-Twin).
- Kohler 18HP 2 cylinders (V-twin) Engine




1800 rpm



2 x 50cm






Single stage active centrifugal with steel impellor.



12 volt AMD Heavy Duty Long life






1400mm L X 1120mm W X 900mm H




- 20HP Honda V-TWIN incl. 9kg gas bottle
- 18HP Kohler V-TWIN incl. 9kg gas bottle

175 KG

175 KG