Supervap 9000W Steam Cleaner - Industrial 3 Phase

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The Supervap 9000 Steam Cleaner is a heavy industrial 3-phase machine with two 4.5 litre boilers generating about 13.2 of dry saturated steam per hour at up to 10 Bar of pressure. It has all the and features expected of a large 3Ø machine.

- 10 bar steam pressure
- 9000 watts
- water or detergent injection
- conveyor belt cleaning
- build to last a lifetime
- 12 month warranty
- optional vacuum
The Super Vap steam cleaning machine is ideal for heavy duty industrial cleaning applications that require the highest level of hygiene, flexibility and reliability including factory cleaning production lines, conveyor belts and detail cleaning.

How Supervap Steam Cleaner Works?

The Super Vap uses high temperature low pressure steam to effectively clean industrial grade surfaces with ease. It will make light work of even the most stubborn baked on grease, while still being environmentally friendly. It’s compact, manoeuvrable and incredibly powerful.

The Supervap is a mobile cleaning and sanitizing solution capable of delivering wet or dry vapor steam on demand in both static and continuous applications.

It has a unique 4 level electronic regulator to give you quality wet steam or detergent injection for even quicker and more efficient cleaning when dry steam isn’t enough.

It comes standard with steam only lance and a range of brushes. An optional vacuum kit allows for integrated vacuum and includes steam and vacuum accessories. There’s also a variety of optional tools for specific applications including lances, window squeegees, scrapers and many more.

Boiler steam temperature 180°c
Power 9000 watts
Boiler Material Stainless Steel - AISI 304
Boiler Capacity 4.5L
Water Tank Capacity 20L
Detergent Injection Volume 40/80/120/160 g/min
Detergent Tank Capacity 2 x 5 L canister
Steam Hose 6m
Power Required 415V-50 Hz
Power Cable Length 10m
Total Power Consumption 9000W
Steam Pressure 10 Bar
Steam output maximum - Dry 13.2L/hr - 220g/min
Steam output maximum - Wet 18L/hr - 380g/min
Steam production and water fill Continuous
Dry Steam regulation Manual
Wet steam regulation 40/80/120/160 g/min
Vacuum Optional - 1200W
Vacuum Container 20L
Dimension (L x W x H) 88 x 60 x 110 cm
Dry Weight 63 Kg (without vac)
Standard accessories Lance + Brush kit