Dishrinse Machine Rinse Aid 5L

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Automatic dish washing rinse aid. Dishrinse is a liquid rinse aid designed as a water dispersant and neutraliser for use in automatic dish washing machines.

The primary function of Dishrinse is to disperse the rinse water to ensure the rapid drying of dishes and utensils. The secondary function of Dishrinse is to neutralise any alkali residue in the rinsing process to maintain a neutral pH at the end of the cleaning cycle.

Benefits and Major Advantages of Dishrinse Machine Rinse Aid:

• In-built scale inhibitor
• Works in hard or soft water
• Phosphate free
• Concentrated formulation

Major Advantages:

•  Produces fast spot and streak free drying of all washed articles.
• Reduces the risk of bacteria by eliminating the need for towel drying.
• Controls lime scale in the final rinse area.
• Acts as a mild foam suppressant in all single tank machines.


Dishrinse is fed neat into small dishwashing machines or can be automatically fed by electronic dispensers into an industrial tunnel washer.


Use 1 to 2 mL per litre of water. Dishrinse may be hand fed or metered with electronically metered dispensing equipment. Concentration required will vary slightly depending on the type of machine load and dilution in the cleaning solution tank during normal washing cycles.