Whiteley Dishbrite Machine Washing Detergent 5L

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Dishbrite Machine Washing Detergent  is a strongly alkaline, non-foaming liquid compound intended for heavy duty mechanical washing.

Benefits and Major Advantages of Dishbrite Machine Washing Detergent:

- In-built scale inhibitor
- Works in hard or soft water
- Phosphate free
- Concentrated formulation


Guaranteed quality cleaning: Use of only highly effective ingredients ensures consistent quality cleaning, free from rejects. Consistent destaining: High buffered alkali level ensures sustained cleaning and destaining. Excellent rinsibility gives the brightest possible results with less water spotting and streaks after heavy loads.

Better machine performance: In-built protection mechanism assures continuous trouble free machine operation with clean jets, less pump troubles and freedom from scales machines.

Excellent rinsability: Very little is needed for excellent results.

Combination of better detergency, removal of ingrained surface films, destaining and good rinsability ensures the best possible results.

It can be used for utensil and dishwashing machines and is highly effective in removing soils and stains from stainless steel and glassware. A highly buffered alkali reserve, good wetting and excellent rinsibility all contribute to quick, sure, regular cleaning. It contains a high level of sequestrant which ensures excellent performance in hard water areas and eliminates the possibility of scale formation within the washing machine.


Use 2 to 5 mL per litre of water. Dishbrite may be hand fed or metered with electronically metered dispensing equipment. Concentration required will vary slightly depending on the type of machine load and dilution in the cleaning solution tank during normal washing cycles. Should machines require a rinsing compound

Dishrinse should be used. Dishrinse is fed neat into rinse injectors where fitted to washing machines.

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