Sansol Foaming Bathroom Cleaner 5L

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Hospital grade disinfectant. Kills HIV ( Aids Virus ) and HBV ( Hepatitus B Group Virus ). Bactercidal, leaves surfaces sparkling clean, Kills odour causing bacteria. 

Sansol is suitable for use on stainless steel and tiled or porcelain surfaces. It is a super high foaming concentrated disinfectant with powerful cleaning ability built into the formulation. Sansol should not be applied to painted surfaces or metal surfaces containing aluminium, brass or copper. Sansol should be used neat for disinfection where blood spillages are routinely present or are at an elevated risk of being present. For Bathrooms and Washrooms you want to sparkle through thorough hygienic cleansing.
Using Sansol through a foaming gun (set at dilution of 1 in 10), reduces labour costs associated with cleaning large bathrooms and shower blocks by 50%. Sansol represents a fundamental change in the way hospital bathrooms can be cleaned. The super concentrated high foaming system clings to walls and vertical surfaces. It should be left in place for several minutes and then washed off thoroughly with running water. The super concentrated cleaning system in Sansol effectively removes soap scum, body fats and oils, hard water carbonate deposits, rust and urine stains, dirt and common soils, algae and mildew. Sansol , even when used as a cleaning product, offers a deeply penetrating cleaning action to remove soils and anti-bacterial action to neutralize mal odours at the source.