Fabrisolv Solvent Based Carpet Spotter

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Fabrisolv Solvent Based Carpet Spotter is designed for removing oil and solvent based stains such as grease, paint, oil, ink and lipstick, etc.

Benefits of Fabrisolv Solvent Spotter:

- Fast acting, rapid penetration
- Non-flammable
- Does not contain any petroleum solvents
- Uses natural terpene solvents

It is a synergised combination of D-Limonene solvent and a surfactant blend which combine together to penetrate, remove and suspend all types of spots and stains in carpets.

The unique combination of emulsifiable solvents in Fabrisolv make it soluble in water and as a consequence it is easier to use than straight solvent type products.


Before using any solvent based spotter always test a small patch of carpet to ensure the solvent does not bleed any dye from the carpet fibres or cause any other unnecessary damage.

SPOT REMOVAL: Apply Fabrisolv undiluted to the spot. Using a small soft brush or cloth lightly scrub the spot starting from the outside of the spot and working towards the centre. Absorb as much Fabrisolv as possible from the carpet using an absorbent cloth. Then wet extract the remnants using Fabripowr or Fabripowr Plus.

LARGE AREAS: Mix 1 part of Fabrisolv to 10 parts water and spray on the carpet at a rate of approximately 4.5 litres per 20 square meters of carpet. The concentration may need to be increased on very heavily soiled carpets. Allow to soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Wet Extract Fabrisolv from the carpet using Fabripowr or Fabripowr Plus.

PRETESTING: Some aged and coloured stains may require special treatment therefore it is always advisable to pretest a small area first. Free rinsing.