Fabririnse Carpet and Upholstery Acid Fibre Rinse Detergent 5L

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Fabririnse low residue fibre rinse leaves carpets and upholstery feeling fresh. It is an acidic fibre rinse suitable for use in both truck mount and portable carpet cleaning machines.

BENEFITS of Fabririnse Low Residue Fibre Rinse:

• Leaves carpets and upholstery feeling fresh
• Neutralises and removes detergent residues
• Stabilises colours and dyes in rugs and upholstery and prevents resoiling
• Reduces the potential for browning problems
It utilises a unique blend of acid stable anionic surfactants to improve the wetting of carpet and upholstery fibres. 

It provides improved economy and cheaper dilution ratios due to the infinite anionic surfactant solubility.

When used in conjunction with Whiteley’s low pH carpet detergents Fabririnse works at dilution ratios as low as 1 part in 500 with water
DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Truck-mounted Machines: To prepare truck-mounted solution, add 1/2 litre of Fabririnse to 25 litres of water. Metre Fabririnse at a dilution of 1:10 with water through the venturi feed (overall dilution of 1:500 with water). Portable Machines: To prepare a ready-to-use solution, add 1/3 cup (100mls) of Fabririnse to 5- litres of water. pH Control: To determine the Fabrisinse is being used at the correct dilution ratio the pH of the effluent water should be measure using pH papers. The pH of the effluent water should be 6.0 to 7.0. If the pH is below 6 then the concentration of Fabririnse should be reduced. If the pH is above 7.0 then the concentration of Fabririnse should be increased.