Fabripowr Carpet Detergent 5L

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Spontaneous emulsification of oily soils. Rapid soil penetration and dislodgement. Safe on all carpet fibers.

Built in biocide and odour neutraliser. Excellent detergency on natural & synthetic fibers.

Concentrated 1:40 prespray dilution. Readily biodegradable. Only Fabripowr offers superior cleaning performance without the use of alkaline boosters. Fabripowr effectively substitutes for up to 5 different chemicals. Fabripowr may be used as a carpet extraction detergent, carpet prespotter, carpet sanitiser, odour suppressor and deodouriser.

 Only Fabripowr offers carpet cleaners so much with the one carpet cleaning product. Fabripowr is suitable for use in both truck mount and portable carpet cleaning machines. Fabripowr provides improved economy and cheaper dilution ratios due to its concentrated nonionic surfactant blend. Prespray Normal Soils: 1:40 with water , Heavy Soils: 1:20 with water ,Spray evenly over carpet with atomising spray. Allow to react for 10 to 15 minutes before extracting Prespotter Normal Soils: 1:5 with water Apply to stain. Gently agitate working from the edge of the stain towards the centre. Soak with dry cloth or extract. Injection Detergent Normal Soils: 1:150 with water Heavy Soils: 1:100 with water When prespraying, using as little as 1:250 dilution of Fabripowr will improve soil removal.

Click here for Fabripowr Carpet Detergent MSDS.