Brilliance Sealer Finish for Hard Floor Surfaces 5L

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Brilliance High gloss sealer/finish, quick drying and extremely durable for use on hard floor surfaces including terrazzo, vinyl tiles, granite, vinyl sheeting, tiles and slate.

Brilliance® Sealer/Finish is a new generation, one-step, high gloss polish that provides an amazing “wet look” finish for use on most hard floor surfaces.

Low and high speed. Burnishable from 250-2000 rpm.

Benefits of Brilliance Sealer Finish:
    Excellent levelling properties
    Extended ware life
    Reduces scuffing on floors
    Ultra high gloss levels
    Fast drying and extremely durable
    Leaves a deep, clear finish
    Non yellowing-resists discoloration

Brilliance® has improved scuff resistance and even higher gloss levels. You will see an improvement in the durability and life span of the floor. By any measure Brilliance® is one of the best floor polishes on the market.

Remove all old polish and sealer using Xpoly8 Floor Stripper ensuring to follow all procedures and directions as per label. Pick up all remaining residue and rinse area with a solution of Tempo HD at a dilution 9mL/Litre of water. After the stripped surface is dry and has been swept the surface is now ready to seal.

Apply first coat of BRILLIANCE using a clean applicator, allow 15-30 minutes drying time between coats. (This may vary depending on airflow and drying conditions.) Apply a further 3 coats of BRILLIANCE ensuring each additional coat is laid on a dry surface. If using IMPACT as a base for BRILLIANCE, apply 2-3 coats of IMPACT followed by 2-3 coats of BRILLIANCE. Buff after applying BRILLIANCE.


Sweep area to be cutback. Mix a solution of TEMPO HD at a dilution 17mL/Litre of water, using an autoscrubber fitted with blue or black pads depending on condition of floor. Lay TEMPO HD diluted solution onto floor and allow to work for no more than 4 to 5 minute. Pick up all solution with a second pass of the autoscrubber and complete a total rinse of the surface with clean water ensuring all residue is gone.
When dry, buff the surface to enhance durability and gloss, sweep floor to remove all dust. Apply 2-3 coats of BRILLIANCE using a clean polish applicator. Ensure each coat is dry to touch before you lay the next coat. If time permits always buff last coat after it is dry to assist with curing, this will also enhance gloss and durability.

DAILY: Sweep floor
• Mop and scrub floor with Tempo HD at a dilution of 9mL/Litre of water & buff. (4-5 days/week)
• Use Glokleen or Rejuven8 and buff to provide extra wear and durability to the floor finish as well as increase slip resistance. ( 2-3 days/week)

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