Zest Bathroom and Washroom Cleaner 5L

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Zest is suitable for cleaning in toilet bowls, wash basins, showers, urinals, floors and walls.

Zest Bathroom Detergent uses a unique blend of detergents, natural and synthetic acids to rapidly remove soap scum, body fats, rust stains, carbonate deposits and many other common bathroom stains.
For Bathrooms and Washrooms you want to sparkle* - Zest represents a change inthe way bathrooms are cleaned. Zest utilises a new generation thickener for improved ‘cling’ and wetting properties. The 3 in 1 action of Zest rapidly cleans, sanitises and deodourises in the one efficient operation. Zest effectively removes soap scum, body fats and oils, hard water carbonate deposits, rust and urine stains, dirt and common soils, algae and mildew. Zest is safeon all surfaces from ceramics to porcelain enamels, plastics and formica, glass and chrome. Do not apply to painted surfaces as some discolourisation may occur.

Click here for Zest Washroom Cleaner MSDS