Surface Clean Concentrate 5L

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Surface Clean Spray and Wipe is a mild alkaline formulation designed for cleaning all surfaces.

Surface Clean rapidly removes dirt, fats, oils, soils, inks and textas, finger prints and other common greasy stains. Removes permanent markers , Cuts through grease and soil, Does not contain any Butyl Solvents, Pleasant perfume, Surface Clean is a multipurpose spray and wipe type formulation specifically to remove, difficult stains without the use of butyl solvents.

 Dilution Ratio: Spray & Wipe, Permanent ink & heavy soils - Use undiluted. Normal soils - 1: 5 with water. Light Soils - 1: 10 with water.Concrete Cleaning. Heavy Soils - 1: 20 with water. Normal Soils1: 40 with water. Apply to floor and scrub with a brushSurface Clean exceeds the performance of competitive butyl cleaners without the use of hazardous chemicals. Surface Clean effectively removes permanent markers from desk tops in schools and other areas. Surface Clean also effectively removes baked on proteins and foods, greases, oils, and most other types of soils. The high foaming detergent system used in Surface Clean assists in penetrating, removing and suspending difficult soils and stains. Surface Clean may be used in kitchens, offices, healthcare, institutions, schools, commercial buildings, industrial and many other areas. Surface Clean is safe to use on most surfaces including, bench and counter tops, sinks and basins, stove tops, glass, porcelain, formica and stainless steel. Surface Clean is not suitable for use on painted surfaces. Surface Clean also performs superbly as a concrete cleaner. The high foaming detergent system penetrates the porous concrete surface to lift and suspend in-ground, difficult to remove soils. 

Click here for Surface Clean MSDS.