Nature's Air Sponge Odor Absorber

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Nature's Air Sponge controls odors the natural way - pet odors, kitchen odors, basement odors and tobacco smoke.

- developed over 20 years ago
- successfully used in a wide large scale commercial applications yet packed for everyday household use
- have satisfied million customers - non-toxic and it works

- biodegradable - 100% environmentally safe
- absorbs pollutants and eliminates odors up to 300 sq ft.
- use in the home, workplace or auto
- very popular for eliminating musty basement odor.

Why Choose Nature's Air Sponge Odor Absorber? Nature's Air Sponge is a technological breakthrough in the world of odor elimination and air quality enhancement. It will eliminate virtually all odors and pollutants from the air in your home, office or car. Conventional air fresheners are really pollutants in themselves. They simply mask odors by introducing perfume into the air. Air Sponge actually absorbs and eliminates offensive odors and microscopic pollutants suspended in the air.