Windsor Saber Glide 28"

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The Saber Glide 28 has the speed of a rider with the maneuverability of a walk-behind. 

Saber Glide’s operator’s compartment offers the comfort and familiarity of an automobile. Full control of the machine is in clear sight and at the operator’s fingertips. From the compartment, the view of the work area is unobstructed for safer, more productive cleaning.
The control panel is intuitive and features one-button scrubbing for reduced operator training.
Saber Glide provides a tight turning radius, fits into a standard elevator and will easily drive through a standard 36-inch (91 cm) doorway.


Easy to Maintain
Daily maintenance operations on the Saber Glide have been simplified to increase productivity.
• Easy to mount and remove brushes or pad drivers
• Wide open accessibility to batteries and motors
• Easy access to recovery tank clean-out

Technical Specifications
Cleaning Path
28" (71 cm)
2 x 14" (35.5 cm)
Brush Motor
2 x .8 hp (600 watt)
Brush Speed
300 rpm
Brush Pressure
0–225 lbs. (0–102 kg)
Drive Motor
1.3 hp (970 watt)
Maximum Transport Speed
4 mph (6.5 km/h)
12" (30 cm) solid (standard)
Solution Control
Gravity feed, fully variablewith automatic shut-off in neutral
Solution Tank
30 gal. (114 liter)
Recovery Tank
30 gal. (114 liter)
Vac Motor
.75 hp (552 watts), 3 stage
Electrical System
36 V – Six 6V 250, 305 or 335 A/H batteries, Chargers available
Weight (without batteries)
790 lbs. (369 kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH)
64" x 33" x 54" (163 cm x 84 cm x 137 cm)