Deb Swarfega 12.5kg

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The world's most successful skin cleanser


    Gentle green gel that effectively removes oil, grease, creosote, adhesives and waxes. Simply wash off to leave hands clean and fresh or use without rinsing. Designed for everyday use without damaging the skin.

  • Fast Acting - will not run off hands, minimising wastage of product
  • Versatile - suitable for use on oil, grease, grime and many oil based paints
  • Perfumed - new mild citrus perfume freshens hands
  • Easy to Use - advanced new gel formulation makes it easy to apply and rinse off with no residue
  • Highly Effective - cleaning performance normally associated with products containing scrubbing agents
  • Economical - only a small amount is needed
  • Added Conditioner - helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture level leaving hands smooth after use
  • Enhanced Smooth Gel - makes it pleasant to use