Alpha Shifter 427 - 4 Directional V-Jets 18″

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Alpha Shifter 427 4 Directional V-Jets, BEST WFP BRUSH in the world. Covers 50% more than your standard 18″ brush with 50% less pressure, designed for maximum filament contact with the glass. A brush that works like a scrubbing pad

Shifter Brush V-jets are designed to rinse while brush is in contact with glass (do not lift off to rinse).

The ultimate water fed glass and solar cleaning brushes have arrived. Throw away all of your other brushes for glass and solar cleaning. The Alpha Shifter 308 and 427 brushes are all you need.

Best for: Commercial, Residential scrubbing, 1-4 levels

The best and easiest WFP scrubbing brush for commercial and residential, designed with high quality polyester and nylon bristles (not cheaper polypropylene).

Features and Benefits:

Quad trim – featuring four lengths of bristle, including a long outer bristle for easy splaying, and a short inner bristle for scrubbing

Triple bristle – a combination of nylon, polyester and stiff nylon, its ultra durable and the bristles will keep their shape, even in hot water or after extended use

Semi-radial – the radial lip gives the operator a range of contact with the glass, allowing the bristles to get into corners and aiding the scrubbing process

Easy splay – flattens with very little pressure, allowing good contact on the glass at any height

V-jets  – available with V-jets or pencil jets, but V-jets spray the water into the bristles, keeping them cleaner for longer and allowing the brush to stay on the glass when rinsing

Wiel-Loc socket – available with square Wiel-Loc socket or Euro thread. Wiel-Loc socket means you can quickly interchange brushes. Clip in and clip out

Hi-viz – the bright orange, blue and white bristles allow you to see what you’re cleaning

Light – It’s incredibly light, and will be your go-to brush for solar panels and ground storey work

– Covers 50% more than your standard 10 inch brush with 50% less pressure (absolute best for high pole work)
– Designed for maximum filament contact with the glass
– A brush that works like a scrubbing pad, stable on glass with long goosenecks.

Other technical features:
– Bristles are designed for better cleaning at the top and bottom of windows and glass and specifically window edges
– New V-jets constantly wash the top of the brush for more efficient cleaning & rinsing
– Hard wearing nylon bristles soften when wet, leaving a very even clean and making it almost impossible to leave brush bristle strokes on glass
– Water spray goes to the top of the brush without over-spraying onto frames.

These are must have brushes for any serious window or solar panel cleaner!

Size: 18″ (427mm)
Jets: 4 x fan jets through rinse bar
Trim: Double
Filament: Mono-filament, 8-9 rows
Weight Light
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