2000 Watt Generator

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Super quiet,compact and light 800 watt generator with four stroke petrol motor. Run your RO pump for up to 6 hours without power! Great camping generator. It is ideal for running your RO system.

- Pure-Sine Output Capable of Running Sensitive Equipment
- 53cc OHC Four Stroke Engine
- 2000W Continuous Power Output
- Silent Technology 58dB at 7m 
- 6 Hours Continuous Operation
- 240V Outlet
- Auto Voltage Adjustor
- 2.7 Litre Fuel Tank
- Automatic Overload and Low Oil Protection
- Practical Quick Start Guide​
It is powered by an advanced OHC four-stroke engine that produces 100% pure-sine power capable of running sensitive electronic equipment.

Offers impressive features, such as Australian approved 240V outlet, automatic overload and low oil protection, as well as silent technology that produces just 58 decibels at 7 metres.  It’s built with a 53cc engine that boasts a powerful 2000W max power output, with auto voltage adjustor,and a 2.7L fuel tank that can provide up to 6 hours continuous operation. 

And for total user-friendliness, refer to the simple Quick Start Guide featured on the top of the unit.So whether you want a generator on hand for work, play or power outages, the Genforce is a workhorse you can rely on. Get the ultimate in pure-sine wave clean energy and put a real spark into the outdoors.

800 Watts (peak) via digital inverter generator technology
– Quiet and clean 4 stroke petrol motor
– Auto economy switch to conserve fuel and power
– Overload protection and low oil light alarm
– Suitable for charging 12V batteries via its dedicated battery charger


* Max peak output power 800 watts (0.8kVA)
* Max continuous output    of 700 watts (0.7kVA)
* AC 240V Output – Digital pure sine wave  

* DC 12V (4 amp) output with BONUS free charging leads
*Super quiet (less than 58dB at 7m)
* Easy start technology
* Fuel Capacity 2.1Lites (6hrs on one tank)
* 8.5kg weight
* Oil type – 4 stroke SAE 10W30 (300ml)