Mudbuster Dirt and Trail Bike Cleaner

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Mudbuster Dirt and Trail Bike Cleaner is an eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaner that helps clean your bike quickly and easily.

Dirt and Trail Bike Cleaner Concentrate and Degreaser from Mudbuster a complex blend of biodegradable liquid raw materials specifically formulated for the cleaning all types of Motorcycles and Mountain Bikes.

It washes, waxes and removes oil, mud, grease, grime, and dirt without leaving any particles after cleaning and rinsing. Reacts with air & water for super tough cleaning action. Available in 750ml, 5 and 25 litres.

How to use Mudbuster Dirt and Trial Bike Cleaner:

1. Hose down machine
2. Apply MudBuster by brushing or with a low pressure spray
3. Allow time 1 – 2 minutes (agitate if necessary)
4. Hose off with clean water

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