Deb Stoko Kresto Classic Super Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser

Deb Stoko
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Deb Stoko Kresto Classic is a super heavy duty hand cleanser with toxicologically safe solvents to lift difficult to remove oil based contaminants without harming the skin. It cleans pore-deep without putting excessive stresses on the skin.

It includes Astopon® natural scrubbing agent to gently remove contaminants without damaging the skin. It contains Eucornol® skin protectant to minimise the risk of skin irritation.

Ideal for extra-heavy-duty contamination, for instance from waste, mineral and lubrication oils, graphite, metallic dust and carbon black, which can only be removed with a solvent-containing hand cleanser.

Available in 250ml Tube, 2L and 4L Cartridges.

- Do not wet soiled hands.
- Rub in Kresto® Classic thoroughly.
- Loosen dirt with very little water.
- Rinse thoroughly with water.
- Dry carefully.

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