Roetech 302 Bacterial Cultures for Waste Water Treatment

Bio Natural Solutions
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ROETECH 302 is ideal for ATU's, package sewage systems and wastewater pre-treatment systems as well as larger WWTPs that handle higher levels of chemical components and ammonia.

ROETECH 302 is a highly concentrated mixture of spores and vegetative bacteria. Bacillus strain combined with Pseudomonas strains provide a multiple enzyme producing culture designed specifically to degrade surfactants, hydrocarbons ammonia and other chemicals in mixed wastewaters.It is 70% Pseudomonas bacteria and 30% Bacillus in a very concentrated one billion per gram powder.


    Aerated treatment units
    Package sewage systems
    Wastewater pre-treatment systems
    Large wastewater treatment plants

Benefits on Routine Use of Roetech 302:

    Reduces biological oxygen demand (BOD)
    Reduces chemical oxygen demand (COD)
    Controls Odour
    Lowers suspended solids and sludge
    Degrades fats, oils and grease (FOG)
    Reduces ammonia

Technical Characteristics:

    Bacteria Count 1Billion CFU/gr
    PH Range 6 ? 10
    Temperature Range 5oC ? 55 oC
    Oxygen requirements aerobic / facultative anaerobe
    Enzymes Produced Protease, Lipase, Amylase, Urease, Cellulase and Nitrate Reductase