DC Solenoid Valves

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Direct Current (DC) BSP Solenoid valve for the installation of water saving systems in urinals. Direct Current 6-12V

Pressure Range: 20kPa (3psi) to 1250Kpa (180psi)
Temperature Range: 2°C - 60°C (ambient)
Nominal Flow Rate: 20LPM (Come with strainer)
Watermark approved

1/2” BSP Inlet (Male)
1/2” BSP Outlet (Female)

3/4” BSP Inlet (Male)
3/4” BSP Outlet (Female)

1” BSP Inlet (Female)
1” BSP Outlet (Female)

Characteristics: 1/2? Male Inlet and 1/2? Female Outlet
Current Type: Direct
Voltage: 6V? 12V
Pressure Range: 20kpa (3psi) ? 1250kpa (180psi)
Temperature Range: 2C ? 60C (ambient)
Nominal Flow Rate: 20LPM
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