Wee on Water Urinal Saving Kit - DC

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This water saving kit helps owners and managers control water consumption using Smart Flush System.

The Smart FlushT Water Saving System is an innovative kit containing urinals retrofitting and flushing systems combined with revolutionary eco friendly cleaning products developed specifically for saving water in men’s urinals and solve common urinal problems.

With the Installation of the Smart Flush Water Saving System, old and existing urinals are converted into in low flush, semi-waterless that will require less water to run.

The Smart FlushTM Water Saving System consists of three components: Retrofitting devices, Flushing systems and Biological Cleaning Regimes.

Wee On Water Saving Kit - DC contains:

1 x DC Smart Flush Urinal Timer
1 x 1/2’ DC Solenoid valve
1 x Physical Air Gap
1 x 5L Biological Cleaner Concentrate
1 x 1L Spray trigger bottle for dilution
1 x Installation Manual
1 x Laminated wall signs and instructions
1 x Bio Blitz Urinal Blocks Tub of 50

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