No Rot Stick Timber Preserver 60G

Pack of 20
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How to stop wood rot around your home? No Rot Stick is an easy to use wood preservative. You simply drill hole and drop in the NO ROT stick.

NO Rot is a unique solid timber rot repair. It helps stop and prevent rot and white ant attack. Designed for treating wood internally. It is a concentrated mix of fungicide and insecticide, combined together in a controlled release, small chalk like stick. It comes in a pack of 20.


NO-ROT can be used as a timber treatment for all outdoor timber structures which are exposed to weather or the ingress of moisture is an issue. Typical uses are to treat pergolas, timber decks, steps, fence posts and railing, window frames, etc.  It can also be used as an internal timber treatment where it’s subjected to persistent moisture, such as in bathroom wall cavities.

Timber which has existing decay can also be treated with NO-ROT, to sterilise the timber and prevent further attack. All timber species can be treated. NO-ROT will only be activated in the timber with a moisture content greater than 20%. Timber treated in this situation will also resist termite attack.