Premium Floor Pad - High Speed

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Edco high speed floor pads - burnishing and polishing pads.


Aqua PLus - Multiple Burnishing - Softer to medium finishes

It is designed for a burnishing schedule that calls for use 3-4 nights per week. It produces a very bright "wet-look" shine with soft to medium finishes. Use with ultra high speeds of 1500 to 3000rpm. It is made from durable high-tech resins & fibres, plus a light sprinkle of natural fibre.

Blue Jay - Maximum burnishing - Medium finishes
A special blend of synthetic and natural fibres in a pad designed for nightly burnishing. This pad will give you an exceptional gloss.

Blue Ace - Frequent Burnishing - Soft Finishes
Created with a very soft, dense burnishing pad of fine synthetic fibres to deal with some of the newest finishes on the market.It iis designed for frequent burnishing with battery, electric or propane/gas machines 1000rpm and above.

Gorilla - Minimal Burnishing
The original blended natural fibre pad that gives a "wet-look" shine. Gorilla is made with a blend of natural fibre and polyester. To clean it, just brush away dried wax with its die cut centre. It will not glaze over.

Gorilla Lite - Maximum Burnishing- Soft Finishes
The lightest blend of natural fibres in a synthetic fibre pad for those who use a soft finish that requires nightly burnishing. This floor pad is designed to give you the same high gloss "wet-look" shine that big brother Gorilla is known for.

Jaguar - Multiple Burnishing (Medium Furnishes)
It is designed for more frequent use than Gorilla with highly responsive finishes. A lighter blend of natural and synthetic fibre.

Monster - Clean/Scrub
Monster floor pad is designed with natural abrasive action to clean black marks and soil. The top layer of finish is removed and the remaining finish is brought to a high sheen. Monster's "clean and shine" characteristics reduce the need for stripping.

Superseed Rubberized - Maximum Burnishing - Soft Finishes
The superspeed rubberized floor pad will create a high gloss. A totally synthetic, non-aggressive pad designed for burnishing and polishing with a high speed or ultra high speed floor machine. It rubberised coating creates friction needed to repair softer finishes while removing black marks. shine.

The Cure
From it's name, it is use to help cure freshly laid finish as soon as it fries. It is super soft to keep from pulling the finish up. Flexible to keep from burning uneven floors. It is strong to stand up under propane/gas, cord electric or battery floor machines.

The Cure floor pad is perfect for overnight recoats before heavy traffic.