BRIX - Wet Flat Mop Full Mix Version

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Brix cart for innovative wet system with 2 buckets and a flat press for flat mops. Full cabinet mix with doors and drawers version.


SABC-1350 - Brix Black Chassis Cart - with a 120L PVC bag: 2 holders for base; 2 holders for handle; 1 holder for A frame; 1 holder for long dust pan. Qty (1)

SABC-1351 - Brix Black 120L lid (1)
SABC-1359 - Brix Black Pedal complete for 120L lid (1)
SABC-1352 - Brix Black Countertop With Key (2)
SABC-1353 - Brix Black Door With Key (2)
SABC-1354 - Brix Black Drawer With Key (2)
SABC-1355 - Brix Black Wringer Support (1)
SABC-1356B/R -Brix Black 15L Bucket - Blue and Red (1 each colour)
SABC-2155 - Flat Mop Press Wringer (1)