Organoil Decking Exterior Oil Standard

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A full bodied 100% Pure Natural Oil for the nourishment and protection of all external timbers. Based on Genuine Tung Nut Oil with Earth Oxides for U/V Protection.

Environment friendly. Preserves and Rejuvenates. Protects, Nourishes and Waterproofs. Available in a variety of colours for all timber species. Specifically formulated to suit Australia and New Zealand harsh climate. Will not evaporate, skin or Gel in the can. Suitable for exterior timber. Available in 1L, 4L, and 10L can.


Exterior timber Decking, Joists/Bearers, Cladding, Railings/Posts, Fencing, Screens, Shutters and BBQ Trolleys.

This product is "NOT" suitable for use on tongue and groove verandah flooring or internal flooring.

Not recommended for Garden Furniture, refer Organoil Garden Furniture Oil

Colours Available

Classic Clear - Semi Transparent results in a honey brown, producing a minimal colour change to the natural timber colour.
U/V Red - A semi transparent finish with additional UV protection. Recommended for use on Red/ Pink Timber species

Merbau - a semi- transparent finish with added colourants and U/V to enhance Redwood timbers
Jarrah - A heavy weight pigmented oil resulting in a solid cover look suited to Treated Pine or old weathered Hardwoods. "Not" suited to new Hardwoods


Hardwood 1st Coat 7-10Sq Mtrs/Ltr

Hardwood 2nd Coat 10-12Sq Mtrs/Ltr

Softwood 1st Coat 4-6Sq Mtrs/Ltr

Softwood 2nd Coat 6-*Sq Mtrs/Ltr

Note: 1 coat only required for rejuvenation or if Woodguard was used as a pre-treatment

Download Organoil Decking Oil MSDS