Solvet Electric Motor Safety Solvent Cleaner

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Non-flammable, hydrocarbon based safety solvent for electrical and general solvent cleaning work using spray and wipe techniques. Leaves no residue.

Solvet provides excellent cleaning in removing wide range of contaminants. Fast evaporation to allow further work processed.It is used in mining and industrial areas as a wipe solvent. It is great for excellent switchboards and other switch gear. Available in 25L and 205L.

SOLVET should be used as supplied either by spray, brush on or dip techniques. Apply liberally to surface to flush all soils away, then allow the part to evaporate to dryness. Application of forced air stream will dramatically reduce drying time.  It should be used in a well ventilated area to avoid any narcotic effect from inhalation of high vapor levels.

First Aid:
Eyes: If splashed in eyes, flush with water for 15min. Seek medical advice.
Skin: Wash affected area with soap and water.
Inhalation: If mists are inhaled, remove patient to fresh air. Seek medical advice.
Swallowed: Do NOT induce vomiting. Give milk or water to dilute.  Seek medical advice
Fire: Use water spray or fog, sand, chemical powder or foam
Risk: Irritating to eyes and skin. Highly flammable.

Download Solvet Safety Solvent Cleaner MSDS