Peerless Citrus Clean Degreaser

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Peerless Citrus Clean Degreaser with wide application. It is excellent for degreasing operations, ultrasonic cleaning and as a general hand wipe cleaner. Contains D-Limonene. Used for removal of forklift tyre marks from concrete floors.

It quickly penetrates heavy grease and oil deposits emulsifying them to allow easy removal using a water rinse.

Generally used as received for most heavy application apply by brush or cloth allow a short contact time, then hose off with water. For lighter duty cleaning Citrus Clean may be premixed 1:1 with water. If used in a spray application, ensure that adequate ventilation is provided to avoid a buildup of vapours.


First Aid: If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons In formation Centre. Ph: 13 11 26
Eyes: Flush eyes with water.
Skin: After contact with skin wash immediately with plenty of soap suds.
Inhalation: Leave contaminated area.
Swallowed: If swallowed do not induce vomiting give a glass of water
Download Citrus Clean MSDS