Peerless Refresh Liquid Hand Soap

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Peerless Refresh Liquid Hand Soap does not contain any harsh abrasives and is specially formulated to clean and moisturize sensitive skin designed for every use. It has a floral fragrance that leaves hands smelling fresh and clean. Suitable for use in all soap dispensers.

Proper hand care is paramount in an effective food sanitation program. Also available in air tight packs to comply with healthcare regulations. Refresh also comes in a Rose fragrance. Available in 800ml, 5L and 25L.

Can be used through most hand soap dispensers available on the market.
Wet hands.  Apply a small amount in the palm of your hands and work up lather. Rinse hands with water and dry.

First Aid: 

Eyes: If splashed in eyes, flush with water for 15min. Seek medical advice.
Inhalation: If mists are inhaled, remove patient to fresh air. Seek medical advice.
Swallowed: Do NOT induce vomiting. Give milk or water to dilute.  Seek medical advice.

Download Refresh Liquid Hand Soap MSDS