Peerless Wool Wash 5L

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Peerless Wool Wash is specifically formulated for washing woollen garments & delicate items that need extra care. It contains specially chosen mild surfactants and water softening agents.

Wool Wash contains eucalyptus oil to aid soil removal and leave your laundered items clean with a fresh fragrance. This laundry liquid detergent is ideal for babies wear, bath towels, terry toweling and washable blankets. Also used for washing eiderdowns, sleeping bags, quilts and sheepskins.

Hand Washing:

  Add ¼ cup to a basin or bowl of water and mix well, gently squeeze garment.  Soak for 5 minutes. Remember to support the garment so that it will not stretch under it own weight. Remove excess moisture with towel or spin dry if label allows.  Dry according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Machine Washing:
  Use wool cycle or shorten regular cycle to 2 minutes.  Check garment to ensure it is labelled “Machine Washable”.  Use ½ cup per wash.  Dry according to manufacturer’s instructions.

  Always following washing instructions on garments.  Hand wash garment unless clearly marked as machine
washable.  Garments labelled “Dry Clean Only” should NOT be washed.

First Aid: 
Eyes: If splashed in eyes, flush with water for 15min. Seek medical advice.
Skin: Wash affected area with soap and water.
Inhalation: If mists are inhaled, remove patient to fresh air. Seek medical advice.
Swallowed: Do NOT induce vomiting. Give milk or water to dilute.  Seek medical advice.

Download Wool Wash MSDS