Peerless Odour Gone - Odour Neutraliser

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It is the latest technology in odour control combining naturally occurring odour destroying chemicals with a bactericide in a formulation that is biodegradable and safe for use on all surfaces and in all environments.

It is a totally organic formulation that will immediately destroy odours leaving an odour neutral environment. Unlike other odour combatants, Odour Gone will not foam, or leave slippery residues after use. It’s economical in use and will effectively destroy odours even when diluted to 1:1000 with water.
First Aid:Eyes: If splashed in eyes, flush with water for 15min. Seek medical advice.Skin: Wash affected area with soap and water.Inhalation: If dust is inhaled, remove patient to fresh air. Seek medical advice.Swallowed: Do NOT induce vomiting. Give milk or water to dilute.  Seek medical advice.

Download Odour Gone Neutraliser MSDS