White Magic Handy Duster

White Magic
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White Magic Handy Duster is the ultimate dusting tool to get into those hard to reach places. Its head pivots 220 Degrees.

Where to use:
- Fan
- Light
- Blinds
- Bookcase

This handy duster is made from 100% Split Polyester Yarn. The super fibres create electro-static energy that attracts and holds dust like a magnet. Telescopic Handle 1.2 - 1.7m. Head is 45cm. Head is constructed around a memory wire that allows the head to be bent to any angle to aid access into tight areas. The head can be washed in warm soapy water.  It is effective in cleaning fans, lights, blinds, book cases, etc.

How to Use:
1. Use dry
2. Wipe Over Dusty Surface
3. When dirty, hand wash in warm soapy water 
4. Air Dry

Click image below to watch video for more info on this product.
How to Use White Magic Handy Duster

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