Duck Fresh Pine Toilet Cleaner

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Toilet Duck® with concentrated Germinex® power, actively kills germs and removes difficult stains on contact, to ensure your toilet is always hygienically clean and fresh.

Industrial Toilet Duck is a disinfectant toilet cleaner and freshener. Industrial Toilet Duck is specially formulated to remove germs, clean and freshen toilets.Features: Commercial grade disinfectant toilet cleaner. Biodegradable and phosphate free.

No toxic solvents . Cleans, disinfects and freshens all toilets . Benefits:.Unique bottle next enables disinfectant to reach high under rim as well as delivering a measured amount of cleaner. Sensitive to the environment and not tested on animals. Packed in a recyclable plastic bottle. Disinfects and freshens as it cleans. Industrial Toilet Duck is safe to use on regular and septic tank. Instructions for Use: 1.Flush toilet first. Tilt bottle forward until the pre-measured neck is full. 2.Hold bottle under rim and spray evenly . Two neck tilts will clean one toilet. 3.Squeeze Industrial Toilet Duck around the rest of the bowl and leave as long as possible before flushing. Brush to remove stubborn stains. 4.To clean the outside of the toilet, squeeze onto sponge and wipeto clean, disinfect and freshen. Dilution Rates: Use Industrial Toilet Duck undiluted