Peerless Hydeck Exterior Wood Finish

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Hy-Deck is a UV stable semi transparent finish for garden decks, verandas, piers, steps, railings and other garden structures. It contains a brown pigment, which will provide additional protection against harsh weather damage, water and will delay the greying of the wood.

After its application, Hy-Deck will present a subtle timber colour  showing the grain and texture of the wood, enhancing the natural beauty and finished appearance.

It has effective antibacterial properties and will inhibit mould, mildew and algae. Hy-deck's special waxed formula, helps repel water which is a great protection for water damage such us splitting, rot and warping caused by water absorption. Available in 5L.

- Quick drying
- Easy water clean up
- Wax component that protects wood from water
- Acrylic-Hybrid emulsion
- Semi-Transparent finish
- Enhances natural beauty of exterior timber
- Brown pigment
- UV-Stable finish
- Even break down, no peeling

- Do not apply Hy-Deck in direct sun. The finish will dry too quickly and will not absorb properly
into the wood. Try to find at least two days with temperatures between 15°C and 25°C.
- Floor temperature must be between 10-30°C.
- Floor moisture content must be between 5-15 %. A moisture meter is recommended to indicate the curing conditions of finish.


Reference is made to the Australian Standard Code AS 4786.2-2005: Timber Flooring – Sanding
and Finishing. Sand exterior timber floor using a ccepted Australian Standards Procedures.
Machine sand new floors to ensure an even and smooth finish and to remove any impurities in the wood.

Note: Do not sand floor with grits above 120 as fine sanding will prevent the finish from
penetrating the timber. Clean dirt from the timber floor by thorough sweeping or vacuuming.
Tack rag the floor with moist lint free cloth and let it dry completely. Sweep or vacuum the floor before
finish is applied.

Repair any structural damage of the exterior timber floor by hammering in loose nails, tightening screws
or bolts and replacing deteriorated wood if necessary. Further preparations of the external floor will
depend on its physical condition. External floor can either be sanded or chemically cleaned.

    - If needed, sand timber floor, depending on the  roughness of the timber grits up to 120 can be used.
    - Clean floor by scrubbing with a brush, detergent and water hose, or by pressure washing. Recommended
detergent is Timber Pre-clean.  If timber is greasy or oily mix with warm/hot water.  Otherwise use cold
water. Let the floor dry completely.  It is a good idea after washing to sand the floor lightly.
Sweep or vacuum the floor before finish is applied.

Stir Hy-Deck thoroughly. Do not shake.
Apply a thin and even coat of Hy-Deck using a brush or a roller. Go with the grain of wood. Do not allow
the finish to puddle. Use a paintbrush apply the sealer in corners and other difficult areas such as  steps,
railings etc. Apply up to two additional coats if desired. Allow 1-2 hours for all coats to dry. Drying time
of Hy-Deck depends on the environmental conditions of the area such as humidity, air-flow and temperature.

Swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Give a glass of water and
contact doctor or the Poisonous Information Centre on
(Australia 13 11 26 or New Zealand 0800764 766).

Eyes: If in eyes, hold eyelids open and irrigate with water
for at least 15 minutes. See a doctor if affects persist.
Skin: Remove contaminated clothing; wash affected area with
soap and water.

Download Hydeck Exterior Wood Finish MSDS.

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